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Scott Halley BSc (Hons), PhD, MSEG, MAIG,

Scott has consulted to more than 150 mining and exploration companies in more than 25 countries in the last fourteen years. Having worked as an exploration geologist for 20 years prior to specialising as a geochemist means that Scott understands how geochemistry can be practically and effectively applied to exploration and mining problems. Advances in technology mean that there are significant changes in the quality of commercially available geochemical and mineralogical analysis methods every few years. One of Scott’s aims is to ensure that his clients are using the most appropriate methods and deriving the full benefit from their data.

As well as consulting, Scott is a regular presenter in the CODES MSc (Econ Geol) short course series, and a regular invited speaker at international geology conferences. Scott is the recipient of the Gibb Maitland Medal for 2012. The Gibb Maitland Medal is awarded by the Geological Society of Australia – Western Australia Division for substantial contributions to Western Australian geology, in particular for contributions in the field of mineral resources exploration.

Scott Halley received a BSc (Hons Class I) from the University of Tasmania (1982), and a PhD from Australian National University (1987). He worked as an exploration geologist for a number of Australian and international companies until 2006. Since then, he has run his own consulting business, specialising in exploration geochemistry, particularly in the use of multi-element ICP geochemistry and SWIR analysis to map far-field expressions and alteration mineral zonation patterns around hydrothermal systems.

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